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Carole A Goehring wrote on August 20,2019 about this piece
could I have the tee in lavender instead of yellow

melissamfloyd wrote on February 11,2018 about this piece
The light pink sweatshirt jacket is very nice and the material also good. I want to see more please share. Thank you.

Jackie Boulet wrote on January 6,2018 about this piece
would you have a brown Xl sweatshirt for the getting the mail snowman

Loreen Evans wrote on October 2,2017
I met you at the Fryeburg Fair and purchased several items including a blue coat and shirt and a long sleeved Laurel Birch dogs shirt. Tbey are fantastic and I hope to get more in the future. THANK YOU!

Jeannie Raymond wrote on January 17,2016
I want to ordered this burgundy set - jacket and tshirt for Aunt hazel. can you mail to her again this year. i'd like her to receive it around Dec. 21st.



Donna Ann wrote on November 24,2015
I looked at the jacket tee sets deciding which ones to order.i trying to decide by the colors they like. I will make my decisions hopefully today,and place my order. Thank-you PS your website was a big help ~☆ I need to check to see if my sister wants to order something or my girls. I definitely will be ordering~☆

Jeannie Raymond wrote on September 25,2014 about this piece
I want to ordered this burgundy set - jacket and tshirt for Aunt hazel. can you mail to her again this year. i'd like her to receive it around Dec. 21st.



Anne Proctor wrote on July 29,2014
Also sorry I missed you. I had forgotten my phone and way underestimated the drive. The set was waiting for me when I arrived home - just perfect. Thank you for everything.

Paula Cassettari wrote on May 5,2014 about this piece
Hi I've decide to order a gift for someone else , is it possible to have the 5.00 shipping on this item also

Robyn Sliney wrote on July 29,2012
I got my tee shirt ordered at the yarmouth Clam Festival. Loos & fits great! Thanks!

Gloria Turner wrote on August 20,2011 about this piece
Hi Betty - I really like this one. Hope you have it in Wells next month!

Stephanie wrote on June 28,2011
Great site!

Carol A. Tattan wrote on March 8,2011
Betty, Love me set. Great for our Florida trips. Something a little dressy with comfort. Thanks Carol

SUE KING wrote on December 6,2010
I bought the black sweatshir set with the lime green tee shirt this weekend with my mother. Couldn't wait to wear it. I am looking for daisy designs. Do you have anything or will you look for some? Thank you

Karen Morton wrote on October 7,2010
stopped in Fryeburg--very impressed!came home here I am

I will be ordering but can't decide!!!!!

Betty Jordan wrote on June 26,2010
Great web site Bet---You've done a great job with it and your "Comfy Clothes are pretty neat -I'm going to try to make Fryburg this year and "SHOP" Congra. Bet--C u soon

Priscilla wrote on April 17,2010
Hi Betty, Love the picture of you, Diana and the girls. Great web site with lots of new designs. Have you thought about the picture on the Chirstmas card I sent for a snowman?

Dale wrote on March 28,2010
Betty, I took a long peek today and I love the sets the more I look at them. I hope my Hawaiian one comes out that nice. I'll let you know, D

Sue Pelletier wrote on January 15,2010

I have something that I would like to return and replace with something else but can't seem to find your address. If you could send to me I would really appreciate.



Priscilla wrote on December 28,2009
Hi Betty

Everyone loved their snowmen as always. Happy New Year.

Libby Davis wrote on December 20,2009
I just can't tell you how much I love my snowmen sweatshirts. They are awesome and I can wear them all winter.

I have worn your sweatshirts other seasons, it seems only right that I now have snowmen (which I like as much as you!)

Merry Christmas


Priscilla, Hanover, Ma. wrote on December 7,2009
Hi Betty

Am writing to ask if you have snowman with tree available if so please send one out, It is for a gentlemen so would like the

black hat colored lights. Love the green sweatshirt, I wear it to each basketball game for the grandson as it is their colors.

Thanks Priscilla

Cathy wrote on December 1,2009 about this piece
Oh wow, these are awesome, they look great,, love them.

Bobbie Hebert wrote on December 1,2009
As you know I just LOVE your product and have many different styles and colors. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Can't wait to see what you come up with this spring!!

Libby Davis wrote on December 1,2009 about this piece
Is there any chance that I could get Mrs.Snowman on black instead of red? If not, red is fine.

Libby Davis wrote on November 28,2009

I got the sweatshirt a couple of days ago. It is absolutely wonderful. I like the snowmen in the basket better then the other one.It is definitely my new 'favorite" sweatshirt.

I'll be watching for the snowmen sweatshirts!

Priscilla wrote on November 14,2009
Hi Betty

Rec'd my snowman today. Also fabic sample, I think the one I remember looked like a tree, but this is also fine. Can't remeber if I ordered reg. sweatshirt with ribbing or the or without. I would like to have it without the ribbing. It was the dark green sweathirt.Look forward to wearing it. fondly Priscilla

Jennine Zito wrote on September 27,2009
The two sets that I ordered at Alton arrived and are beautiful. I like the monochromatic brown just fine!

You have great taste in picking color and matching fabric. Thank you so very much!

Barbara Nelson wrote on September 26,2009
Your shirts have been a big hit with people who see them. I, however, prefer the bottom to be of the sweatshirt style and not cut. Please let me know if this is possible.

Karen Ellis wrote on September 8,2009
Thanks for sharing!!!! Great to see what all this sewing is about!