I'm asking for patience and understanding. 
Right now, I'm having difficulty ordering different color sweatshirts from the manufacturer.  I'm being told it may be the end of April, middle of May before some colors are available.  I'll do my best to fill orders, but I may have to regretfully tell you I can't fill it now.  I'm so sorry.

Over 30 years ago my sister, Jane, and I formed a small craft business together as a creative outlet called "The Crafty Snowman".  It was easy coming up with a business name………. Snowman is my last name!  We filled the booth with lots of little snowmen and dozens of  pullover sweatshirts. 

Several years later, Jane moved to the mid-west and I took on sole proprietorship. 

Since then the clothing line has expanded to become My Comfort Clothes ®and the snowmen have gotten bigger, but all items are still designed, sewn, and hand-crafted in  my home sewing room  in Auburn, Maine.

My home sewing room 

                            Busy at work.  Photo
                         courtesy of Sun Journal.