The best way to measure:  take one of your existing shirts, lay it flat, and then measure the width and length. Or, know the persons chest and height measurements.



Womens Cut T-shirt



  Small 18" 25"  
Medium 20" 26'  
Large 22" 27"  
X-Large 24" 28"  
XXL 26" 29  


I wear a Size 12 top (L) in the stores.  The Gildan tee shirts are a ladies cut - wider and shorter than a man's tee shirt.  I normally make myself a lage and it fits fine.  There is little to no shrinkage so I don't have to worry about that.

I make myself a large in the LAT brand as well.  Again, there is little shrinkage to these shirts.  In 8 years I've had 2 women call me about shrinkage.  I replaced their shirts.


Sweatshirts by Gildan

Measurement in Inches
  Width Length
Small 20 27
Medium 22 28
Large 24 29
X-Large 26 30
2XL 28 31


 When ordering a pullover sweatshirt, most women have been able to go down a size if they're ordering the tunic style as these are men's sweatshirt sizes.   Again, once I take that elasticized band off the bottom, it makes the shirt bigger.  To achieve a flattering look, go down a size -- I think you'll be pleased.  This style without the band is extremely flattering for any shape or size.  I give you the option to order either way -- with or without the band.


When I cut open a sweatshirt to make it into a jacket, it ends up wider than the pullover of the same size with the elasitcized band on.  Choosing a size for a jacket depends on how you want it to fit, but most women are able to go down a size and still have that roomy feel.  I prefer a more "fitted" look so I make myself a medium jacket and a large t-shirt.  The jackets are not designed to close in the front.  

Regardless of what you choose to order, if the size isn't right and the garment hasn't been worn, washed or altered, it can be exchanged for a different size.


NOTE:  LAT has discontinued the style of tee shirts I've been using.  I have plenty in my inventory, but I may run out of certain colors of sizes.  In the notes section of the order, please indicate a second choice of color.


  Ladies LAT t-shirts brand  

 I had to go to a second brand to get some different colors. Following is the sizing chart LAT puts out for their clothes.  These LAT tees are a ring-spun cotton - very soft.  They are slightly more narrow through the body than the Gildan, and just an inch or so shorter.  I make myself a large and it fits just fine, either tucked in or hanging out.  Regardless, if you order a size and it doesn't fit, it can be exchanged as long as it hasn't been worn, washed or altered.


LAT Sizing Chart
The sizing chart for LAT is provided by the manufacturer.  The sizing chart is intended for your use as an approximate gauge for your body shape and size. Clothes can fit your body shape differently, so please use the size chart below as a rule of thumb. Only you can determine the comfortableness of the clothing based on how loose or tight you prefer your clothing.

LAT WOMEN'S (SIZES)     6 8 10-12 14-16 16-18 20      
  JUNIOR'S (SIZES)     3 5 7 9-11          

This sizing chart is provided by LAT as a guide to buying LAT.